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With our e-box® service you receive your online packages and/or documents at our modern logistic center in Miami, Florida. Your package is then assigned a tracking code so you can monitor your shipment on your e-box app on your phone. With your new personal address you can shop online at your favorite stores, subscribe to magazines, receive mail, and much more. If you see a product you like on TV or popular it’s probably available on

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SIGN UPSign up for free and get your new shipping address and tracking app to receive your online purchases directly at your MBE Center closest to your home or work office. You pick the MBE Center most convenient for you.


BUYBuy at your favorite online stores and use your new shipping address. The online company with ship your purchase to the e-Box logistical center in Maimi, Florida. With your e-Box APP you will be notified when your package leaves Miami and when it arrives your MBE Center.


RECEIVEReceive your purchases at your selected MBE center to pick up your packages.

MBE E-box - How does it work?

¿Por qué escoger MBE?

With your MBE's e-box you can buy online at your favorite stores, receiving the same offers and discounts as if you were in the USA. It is the easiest and safest way to buy online from the USA and receive it at your selected MBE Center near you without complications or barriers. MBE takes care of all the custom paperwork. You just come to your MBE Center and pick up your package.


Download the e-box APP and you can track your package from Miami to your MBE Center.

You also have the option within the APP to make payment for your shipping so you save time when you pick up your package.

You only pay for what your package weighs, you do not pay by volumetric weight.

MBE Points: for each package you ship you receive loyalty points that you can redeem for discounts on our services.

We have 37 MBE Centers in Panama.

Tiered Rate: the heavier your package, the cheaper your rate per pound

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What are MBE Points?

MBE Points is our loyalty program you receive points, for the kilos you ship to your e-box account.

For every kilo you receive, you generate MBE Points, which you can redeem through your e-box web account or app and use them to receive discounts on any of our MBE services (coping, courier, office supplies). By creating your account you are automatically registered to generate MBE Points, you even receive 100 Points when you register!


Download our App and receive 1,000 welcome points!

With our APP you can see all your packages in transit in real time. You also have tools for better control and convenience of your online purchases.

  1. Real-time packet tracking
  2. You can request delivery to your home or office
  3. Online Payments – pay for your shipment via the E-box app and you can just stop by your MBE Center and pick up your package saving you time at the MBE Center.
  4. Address, telephone numbers, hours and email of our branches.
  5. You can pre-alert your purchases letting us know that your packages are on their way and receive them faster.
  6. Fee Calculator – estimate the cost of your shipment before you purchase online products.

MBE's E-box is available for download on Android and iOS.

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Do you have questions? Learn More About MBE E-box

How do I know about the status of my package?
Para saber el estatus de tu paquete, solo tienes que acceder a tu cuenta de e-box web vía nuestra página y digitar el número de rastreo que te dio el suplidor. También puedes solicitar la información a través de nuestra página de Facebook, o llamar al centro MBE al que está afiliado.
What will happen to my package if I did not enter the PTY (code) at the time of making my purchase?
Si la tienda en la que compras no tiene número de rastreo y deseas saber el estatus del paquete, envía toda la información del paquete a tu centro MBE que incluya lo siguiente: número de SDQ, Factura u orden de compra, a nombre de quién llegará el pedido, datos del suplidor, tienda o persona que envía y fecha en que realizaste la transacción. Puedes encontrar el email de tu tienda en nuestra app o página web. Con esta información realizaremos una búsqueda en nuestros almacenes para ubicar su paquete lo antes posible.
What happens if the e-commerce store did not place the invoice with my package?
Si el paquete ya está en Miami, deberás notificar a tu centro MBE de la situación. Para ello debe enviar la factura de la compra del artículo, el número de rastreo y tu SDQ. Tan pronto envíes esa información, tu paquete estará listo para volar dentro de las próximas 48 horas laborables. Esta información debes adjuntarla antes de los 60 días calendario, después de recibido el paquete en Miami. También puede acceder a tu cuenta de e-box vía nuestra página web y dirigirte a la sección de ‘buscar paquete no identificado’ y llenar los datos solicitados. Para que no vuelva a suceder, asegúrate de acceder a tu cuenta en la tienda donde realizaste la compra, edita tus datos de Shipping address colocando tu SDQ dentro de la dirección.
What will happen if I mistakenly bought a prohibited item?
Si el paquete ya está en Miami, debe cargar la factura de la compra del artículo a través de tu usuario de e-box web al accesar a Tan pronto cargues la información, tu paquete estará listo para volar dentro de las próximas 24 a 48 horas laborables. Esta información debes adjuntarla dentro de los 60 días calendario, después de recibido el paquete en Miami.
Is it possible to receive documents and magazines through the e-box?
Se te notificará vía correo cuando tu mercancía llegue a nuestras instalaciones en Miami. Puedes contactar a tu suplidor y explicarle que no podrás recibir dicho artículo y te asistimos a programar una devolución. También puedes solicitarle a un amigo o familiar que lo retire por tí en Miami.
¿Es posible recibir correspondencia nacional a través del e-box?
Sí, al contratar el e-box podrás recibir correspondencia nacional.



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En Panamá, todos los paquetes con valor CIF arriba de $100 están sujetos a impuestos arancelarios
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