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Seamless online shopping and shipping from Miami, USA to Panama

Easy and convenient online shopping and shipping from Miami to Panama

Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and shipping from Miami, USA to Panama

At Mail Boxes Etc., we understand that the world of online shopping has opened up endless possibilities for getting the products you want at the right price and at the right time. If you are in Panama and you’re looking to shop online, we have the perfect solution. Our e-Box service means that you can enjoy seamless shipping from Miami, USA to Panama when you buy on Amazon from Panama or from any other US-based online retailer.

Your Miami box for Panama ensures that whatever items you want to purchase online from the US are directed to our state-of-the-art warehouse facility in Miami. From there, your package will be delivered to your chosen Mail Boxes Etc. center in Panama. This means that you don’t have to allocate a Panama address when you shop online but rather a US-based one. Consequently, this results in lower shipping costs and greater savings enjoyed.

With our e-Boxes service, you simply have to register with us online to take advantage of a whole world of benefits that online shopping offers. It’s quick and easy to do and it will save you time, money, and hassles. This means more time for you to enjoy the process of online shopping and receiving your products and less inconvenience worrying about added shipping costs and the time frame to receive your delivery.

Take advantage of our shipping from Miami, USA to Panama and get every item on your wishlist delivered to Panama quickly, easily, and conveniently. Our service is designed to make online shopping that much more convenient for our customers to give you more access to choice and more options when you buy items online. But you also enjoy cost savings and a hassle-free service that comes with having your own e-Box address in Miami.

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Shipping from the United States to Panama is now a smooth and easy process

Are you wondering how our e-Box service works? It’s easy! You simply go online and register your e-Box address with us. This means that when you’re shopping online, you simply need to enter the shipping address in Miami instead of your shipping address in Panama. Once your items are delivered to our warehouse, you can enjoy seamless shipping from the United States to Panama.

What’s more is that you’ll be able to track your package from the moment it enters our warehouse in Miami. From there, the package will be shipped to your Mail Boxes Etc. center that you’ve chosen as your delivery destination. You then simply come and collect your items and you’re all set. This is the easy process of how to receive packages in Panama.

But that’s not all. You will also enjoy much greater cost savings and rest assured that your package is in safe and capable hands. This means that you can enjoy and take advantage of eBay shipping to Panama and many other online retailers.

For example, if you’re wondering how to buy at Walmart from Panama or Amazon or even Target, we’ve got you covered all the way. Each of these giant online retailers will ship your purchased products to our warehouse in Miami, from where the package will be delivered to a Mail Boxes Etc. center which you’ve selected for the delivery near you.

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We take care of managing the guides and following up on the path of the package, until it reaches its destination.

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We guarantee peace of mind to our clients with the best option in logistics insurance.

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All this makes shipping from the United States to Panama a smooth and easy process that is uncomplicated, safe, trackable, and one which also saves you precious time and resources. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help you shop online from the US with more ease or simply register for your Miami address online today.

Edward Sánchez

Edward Sánchez joined MBE Central America in 2019, with over 5 years of experience in accounting and control in the areas of banking and finance.
Edward is responsible for decision control, maintenance and quality improvement of financial procedures and protocols for MBE Central America’s finance department.

Phone: +507 301-5710

María Virginia Díaz

Maria Virginia Díaz joined the MBE Central America team in 2018, working as the coordinator of the marketing department. Maria Virginia is in charge of the brand image management, corporate events, social media management, BTL and ATL advertising.
Previously, Maria Virginia served as a marketing executive at an advertising agency, where she handled the creation, content, and marketing for a social and business magazine.

Phone: +507 301-5714

Alexander Vera

Alexander Vera joined the Mail Boxes Etc. family in 1999 in Caracas, Venezuela. He began his career at MBE as a customer service representative and after some time he became Venezuela’s pilot site manager. In 2005 he was in charge of the technical support department, a role in which he showed great mastery and knowledge, all this led him to assume the management of the IT Department for Latin America.
In 2017, Alexander moved to Panama, to join the MBE corporate team in Central America, where he is now the Operations and IT manager.

Phone: + 507 301-5712

Estefania Alegre

Estefania Alegre has been the CEO of Mail Boxes Etc. in Central America since July 1, 2018. She leads the company’s operations, logistics, marketing, sales and public relations, always striving to provide high quality support to more than 45 offices across the region.
She began her career at MBE in 2011, as a customer service representative at the MBE Panama pilot site; her remarkable performance led to her promotion as a manager. During the following years, Estefania joined the MBE team as a sub-manager, a role in which she showed great leadership skills, her endurance and excellent performance have placed her in the position of chief executive.